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List of Westlife songs ( Others )

Unreleased songs

Good Thingas IOYou
Listen Girlas Westlife
Beautifulas Westlife
Call Me Nowas Westlife
From Now Onas Westlife
If That's What Love Isas Westlife

[edit]Leaked songs

[edit]As Westlife

As Love Is My WitnessLeaked on 13 August 2009

[edit]For Westlife

Now Can't Let Goby Wayne Hector
Shadowsby Ryan Tedder
Sound of a Broken Heartby John Reid
The Differenceby Lou Epic

[edit]Demo songs

Thank You For the Momentssung by Brian McFadden; demo song for the pop band, Six
Beautiful in Whitesung by Shane Filan; demo song for the Shayne Ward

[edit]Soundtrack Appearances

These are songs that were included as part of the official soundtrack of a movie.

YearTitleWestlife AlbumMovie
2000I Don't Wanna FightWestlifeMaybe Baby
2000We Are OneWestlifeA Monkey's Tale
2000Flying Without WingsWestlifePokémon: The Movie 2000
2003World Of Our OwnWorld Of Our OwnYou Wish!

[edit]Album appearances


YearTitleDuet ArtistAlbum
2000If I Had WordsThe Vard Sisters
2002Back At OneLuluTogether
2005No More Tears (Enough Is Enough)Donna SummerDiscomania
2010Everybody HurtsVarious ArtistsHelping Haiti

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