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Mark Feehily's Profile

M a r k


Full Name: Mark Michael Patrick Feehily 
Date of birth: 28th May 1980 
Star sign: Gemini
Place of birth: Sligo, Ireland 
School: Summer Hill College
Mark at school
Where do you live now: Sligo, Ireland 
Colour of eyes: Blue 
Height: 5ft 10 1/2
Mark's profile
Inside Leg Measurement: 31 1/2 
Chest: 41
Shoe size: 9 1/2
Any tattoos: Nope 
Scars/marks: he has a mole, on the right side of his lower neck
Family: parents Oliver and Marie, two younger brothers Barry (15) and Colin (11) and a dog called Snoopy
Mark's family
Previous jobs: Pizza delivery, photo lab assistant
Singing since: since he can remember

Childhood photos:


Describe yourself in three words:Shy, reserved but also friendly
Bad habit: Singing all the time
Rule of Life: "Money isn't everything, but happiness is"
Phrase that you use often: Well buddie - what's the craic (Irish for fun) 
If you were an animal, what kind of animal would you be? a bird or Mariah Carey's cat!
Dream house: Big house with swimming pool + tennis court in Sligo. Mark would also really like an apartment in New York! 
Most embarassing moment: Forgetting the words to my songs at a talent concert in front of 1,000 people aged 14

(photo below thanks to Kristin Beckner) Mark's autograph


Hobbies: Tennis, football, snooker, chilling out
Instrument: Piano, guitar and tin-whistle
Likes: Chillin' with his mates, singing and partying
Dislikes: Being tied down, having too much on his plate, narrow-minded people, smoking 
Worst class(es): Irish/woodwork 
Best class(es): French/Home Economics 
Hates: Birds and snakes
Fave sport(s): Football, tennis 
Fave actor: Eddie Murphy 
Fave actress: Lisa Kudrow (Phoebe - Friends) 
Fave male singer: Michael Jackson 
Fave female singer: Mariah Carey 
Most like to meet: Mariah Carey, Michael Jackson
Hero: Mum & Dad and Michael Jackson
Who Would You Have A One 2 One with? Michael Jackson
Most Impressive Person You've Ever Met: Mariah Carey
Best movie ever: The Nutty Professor, Armageddon 
Fave cereal: Rice Crispies/weetabix 
Fave food: Steak and chips, Irish stew, chicken
Worst food: Fish
Fave soft drink: Fanta Lemon 
McDonalds or Burger King: McDonalds 
Fave place to chill: On the couch in front of T.V. 
Fave place to visit: Home (Sligo) 
Fave football team: Liverpool
Fave perfume, men’s: Hugo Boss 
Fave perfume, women’s: Clavin Klein 
Fave clothes: Trainers and tracksuit
Fave designer: Timberland
Fave colour: Purple or green or black
Fave book:The Witches by Roald Dahl
Fave Music: everything
Fave song: Man in the Mirror by Michael Jackson and Without You by Mariah Carey
First record bought: Billy Joel - Uptown Girl or Right Here Waiting - Richard Marx
First concert: Christy Moore
U2 or B*Witched: U2 
BSB or Boyzone: Boyzone 


Blondes or brunettes: Brunettes 
Ideal woman: Thoughtful, funny
Have a girlfriend: I'll accept all offers!
Love life: Mark came out as gay in August 2005, announcing he is in a long-term relationship with Kevin McDaid from the boyband V. [read news article] 
Previously he was rumoured to be dating Mandy Moore (but it wasn't true, Shane spread the story to wind Mark up!). He was also rumoured to have dated a model named Lauren Gold for a while (she starred in Robbie William's video "Rock DJ" as the DJ). Lauren accompanied him to the premiere of teen movie Coyote Ugly (see the pic of them together below). Mark said that they met at a party in London and thought she was very nice, but due to both their busy schedules the relationship wasn't serious. Mark also dated Page 3 glamour model Ebony. Mark was also rumoured to be going out with Cathy Newell from Irish girl group Bellefire (who, like Westlife, are managed by Louis Walsh).
Mark & Lauren Gold

His first kiss: was in a very romantic location on holiday in France while on an exchange trip. She was an Irish girl and he thought the kiss was disgusting for about two sceonds before deciding he really liked it!
Fave one-liner: Here love, here's 2 kroner - ring your mum and tell her you won't be home! 
Romantic move (eg. flowers): flowers, disco, dinner, home to bed! 


"Louis has Spice Girls-type names for us, but we're not telling you what they are 'cos we don't want everyone to start using them!" 

"When I was in the Scouts we put on a play and I had to dress up as a woman! I was in a small scene with another guy, he was dressed up as a sporty woman and I was working a posh look. I was wearing a scarf, my mum's high heels, earrings, a skirt and her big coat from about 20 years ago! It was in front of my whole parish - can you imagine how embarrasing that was?" 

"My auntie has a new born kitten and it was gorgeous, I was cuddling it and I wouldn't let it go. Next thing I knew it has weed all over my smart top that I was wearing to go out for lunch!" 

"I was meeting my girlfriend's parents for the first time and trying to sound like the nicest little kid ever. They asked about my interests and I said, 'I like singing, dancing, acting, and go-karting.' Their faces dropped and I got a huge lecture about the dangers of go-karting and was warned never to take their daughter near a go-kart , it was sooooo embarrassing." 

"After a tasty chicken dinner I like a big bowl of juicy strawberries- with a huge dollop of ice cream on 'em!"
- Mark on his favourite pudding 

"It's about a guy that's been fooled again and he can't believe that he's the fool again cos he was the fool before and now he's the fool again... "
- Mark talking about - you guessed it! - Fool Again 

"Mark has a unique R & B soul voice. For a white person, you don't usually get someone as talented as Mark" - Nicky on Mark 

-on what he does when he's not performing 

"Mark's the best at that. He could sleep on a nail."
- Bryan on Mark's favourite pastime... 

"When I got my head shaved, it was all over the papers. It's weird that when you get a haircut you are in the papers, it's pretty stupid" 

"Before I was in the band, I thought Dolce & Gabbana was a type of pizza..." 

Nicky on Mark: "He'd hate it if he was made to feel like he didn't have a life of his own" 

Did You Know...?

Mark is really good at speaking Irish!

His 'Spice Girl' nickname was "Homesick Spice" because he always gets homesick when he leaves his family (bless!). 

Mark thinks his nose is too big (Whatever you say Mark, it's not!!) 

He has a birthmark on his back which he refers to as a 'splodge'. Strangely, his brother Colin's got one as well! 

Mark had a part in a Cub Scouts play - and he had to dress as a woman, complete with clip-on earrings and a dash of eye shadow! 

He always keeps his toothbrush in a glass by the sink - and he goes mad if anyone moves it! 

He once had a job in a restaurant - he was paid £2.60 an hour - and used to have to clean the toilets as part of his job. 

But.....the worst job he ever had was in Burger King 

He once claimed to have an extremely talented left eyebrow and that his right toe was his most sexy 'bit'! 

Mark loves nothing more than slobbing on the couch at home and watching TV. 

He prefers a shower to a bath. 

He first went on stage in the school production 'Scrooged'. 

One of his biggest ambitions is to meet Michael Jackson 

Mark prays every night 

His fave subject at school was French language 

Mark says he would pose naked, but only if he was paid a million pounds! 

According to the other lads, Mark is the biggest liar in the band! Nicky claims Mark often lies about his age when chatting up girls. 

His fave pizza topping is chicken, ham, mushroom and pineapple 

He has ambitions to write a full musical 

Mark cried on camera when the band suprised someone on Cilla's TV show 'Suprise Suprise' 

Mark's top 5 smells are:
1. Cut grass
2. Strawberry - scented soap
3. Pipe tobacco (although he doesn't like smoking)
4. His Granny's freshly baked soda bread
5. Girls' freshly washed hair. 

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