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Nicky Byrne's Profile

N i c k y


Full Name: Nicholas Bernard James Adam Byrne 
Date of birth: 9th October 1978 
Star Sign: Libra
Place of birth: Dublin 
School: Returned to Plunkit College after spending two years with Leeds Football Club
Where do you live now: Baldoyle - Dublin with my parents 
Colour of eyes: Blue 
Height: 5ft 9 and a half
Nicky's profile
Inside leg measurement: 30 1/2 
Chest: 38-40
Shoe size: 7 1/2
Any tattoos: A Celtic design that goes across his lower back
(photo below courtesy of Carolien, scanned by Evelien - thanx!)
Nicky's tattoo
Scars/marks: Scar on right elbow
Family: parents Nicholas and Yvonne, one sister Gillian (22) and one brother Adam (11)
Nicky's family
Nicky's family

Childhood photos:


Describe yourself in three words: Thoughtful, reliable, trustworthy
Bad habit: Drinking tea with the spoon still in the cup
Rule of Life: "Never think that anyone's better than you, and never think that you are better than anyone else"
Phrase that you use often: Le Grá it means with love in Irish 
If you were an animal, what kind of animal would you be? a fox or a tiger
Dream house: Big house just outside Dublin 
Most embarassing moment: falling over at Elland Road, Leeds United's stadium in front of 30,000 people

(photo below thanks to Kristin Beckner)Nicky's autograph


Hobbies: Football and snooker
Instrument: Learning to play piano
Likes: Football (especially Man U and Leeds cos he used to be the goalie in the junior team), eating out, shopping and travelling home to Ireland to see his family
Dislikes: Smoking and nasty people
Worst class(es): I was never any good at maths 
Best class(es): English was easy and geography wasn’t bad 
Fave sport(s): Soccer and snooker 
Fave actor: Bruce Willis and Brad Pitt
Fave actress: Demi Moore, Cameron Diaz 
Fave male singer: Phil Collins
Fave female singer: Natalie Imbruglia
Most like to meet: Phil Collins, Madonna
Best movie ever: Titanic, Die Hard, Armageddon
Fave cereal: Sugar Puffs
Fave food: Sunday dinner, Mum's cooking, Japanese
Worst food: Prawns
Fave soft drink: Pepsi 
McDonalds or Burger King: McDonalds definitely 
Fave place to chill: My couch in my front living room in Dublin 
Fave place to visit: Caribbean or New York or Sydney 
Fave football team: Manchester United
Fave perfume, men’s: Dolce & Gabbana 
Fave perfume, women’s: CK Eternity 
Fave clothes: smart clothes
Fave designer: Gucci
Fave colour: Blue or white or black
Fave book: The Mammy by Bruce O'Carroll
Fave group: Boyzone
Fave song: Phil Collins - 'Against all Odds', What I want Is What I've Got
First record you bought: Kylie Minogue - 'I Should Be So Lucky'
First concert: The Cranberries in Dublin
U2 or B*Witched: U2 
BSB or Boyzone: Boyzone 


Blondes or brunettes: Depends 
Ideal woman: Elegant, smart, humourous, nice eyes
Have a girlfriend: Nicky married Georgina Ahern, Irish premier Bertie Ahern's daughter, on 4 August 2003. Read more about the wedding and see pictures. They have two children - Georgina gave birth to fraternal twin sons Rocco and Jay on 20 April 2007. 
Georgina with her dad Georgina, her dad and Nicky at Nicky's 21st Birthday Georgina and Nicky at Shane's 21st Birthday
WL with their girlfriends: Shane & Gillian, Kian & Jessica, Nicky & Georgina
Nicky with Georgina at a Newcastle United football game, 26 April 2002.

His first kiss : was when he was a wee rugrat of nine years old with his mum's friend's daughter! But then Nicky did have 'steady' girlfriends at that age - about one a month!
Fave one-liner: How do you like your eggs in the morning 
Romantic move (eg. flowers): Surprised my girlfriend by coming home after being away for two months 


"I'll know I'm famous when my mum asks me for my autograph" 

"The lads say that girls want to grab hold of my bum, but I think it's probably more my blue, twinkly eyes."
- Nicky on what girls fancy about him. 

"I must have been about 17 and I was living in Leeds. My and three other lads from Dublin got chatting to these girls who asked us what we were doing in England. So we told them we were in a new Irish boy band called OTT cos it was around the time when OTT were just about to hit Britain. And they believed us! They asked us if we knew Boyzone and we pretended we did. They even asked us for our autographs! In a way though it wasn't so much of a lie, but a premonition cos three years later I am in an Irish boyband and I do know Boyzone!" 

"It was at a party to celebrate our exam results and I must have been 15. Its one of those nights when everyone goes out and goes mad. I was at this nightclub called The Furnace in Dublin, which is actually closed down now, and I must of had about 11 snogs. I don't think it was any more than that!" 

Classic by Adrian Gurvitz ...This song marks a special moment between me and my girlfriend, Georgina. Even though I'm too young to remember the track when it originally came out, it was a favourite of my dad's - Nicky senior - and I have memories of hearing it in the early 1980s. It's a ballad that I grew to love and more importantly it was the soundtrack to my first kiss with Georgina."
- Nicky on his favourite romantic song 

"My fave place we've been on this tour so far has been Copenhagen in Denmark. It's a really great atmosphere there. But we've always got to get back on the bus..." 

"At the very start of the band people from Ireland would travel our houses but now it's at the stage where you get people from Switzerland, everywhere, coming to the mum was sitting to the house one time there was group of girls in a taxi with a video camera and they asked my mum if they could come in and take a picture of the house. They come from all over and they will take rose bushes out of our garden and stuff, it's crazy"
- on the fans 

"We've been working so hard, we love it when we get a day off to go home to our families...and spending our time to go shopping... and i like to watch TV with my mum or eat my mum's cooking."
- what he does on his days off 

"We come from normal families and £700 for a pair of trousers is a lot. If my mum asked, I'd probably say £450. Spending a lot on clothes or a watch or ring makes me feel guilty but I think that's a good thing. We appreciate what we've got." 
- Nicky on his extravagant shopping sprees 

"It's like an angel has come out of the sky and asked us five guys, 'What would you like to do with your lives?' The answer is Westlife." 

Mark on Nicky: "He doesn't like anyone talking about his girlfriend" 

"At school everyone would act really cool about how many Valentines cards they got, and you knew everyone exaggerated. I'd always say I got seven." 

"If you wanted the world to stop turning you'd call Ronan!" - Nicky 

Did You Know...?

When Nicky joined the band he couldn't swim! 

His mum does all his washing 

He speaks nicely when Georgina's parents are around (lol - and when they're not?!!) 

Nicky reckons he could make a good racing driver 

He used to live with footballer Alan Smith when he was training at Leeds Utd. 

He broke his elbow at football training and still has a big scar 

He wears 'lucky socks' to gigs 

Nicky missed his first week of school, because he was in a road accident 

He hated maths at school 

He keeps a karaoke machine under his bed 

He used to sing karaoke with his dad - who is also called Nicky - and who has a band called 'Nicky and the Studz' 

Nicky bought a car when he signed to Westlife, but sold it cos he was never home 

He once threw Bryan's boxer shorts out of a hotel window! 

He would like a pet dog, if he had time to look after one. 

He hates going to the gym 

Nicky used to love dancing to 'Mickey' by Lolly 

He always carries photos of his family with him 

Nicky used to pray before every football match that he would play well, and it was him who started the Westlife tradition of praying and saying a Hail Mary before every concert!

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